How To Calculate Zakat

This webinar will introduce us to the third pillar of Islam , which is Zakat. Most importantly it will teach us how to calculate zakat, which is something that we all must know . In addition to this, we will look at some of the contemporary issues pertaining to zakat on business, shares , stocks and much more, inshaAllah.


Imam Abdullah Hasan graduated with an Imam Diploma, BA and Ijaza Aliyah in Islamic Studies from a European Islamic seminary. He holds a diploma in Arabic from Zarqa Private University ( Jordan ) and studied at the faculty of Fiqh wa Usuluhu at the same university. Imam Abdullah Hasan has been the Imam at Mosques in London, Manchester, Peterborough in UK and also the Imam at Imams Against Domestic Abuse (IADA), Advisor at Muslim Family Matters (MFM). Member of the National Council of Imams & Rabbis, UK. He presents the famous Islami Q & A show on Islam Channel on a weekly basis and is working at the National Zakat Foundation (NZF)

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