About Us


Imaam Maalik waqf and zakaat foundation is a non profit, faith (Islamic) based organization, based in Rivers State, south south Nigeria.

We engage in supporting the less privileged, orphans ,widows and the needy through empowerment, education and donations (cash and otherwise). These are being executed with assistance from our sponsors and the public.

We also assist to implement and manage waqf (funds). Imzawq foundation collects zakaat and facilitate its distribution in a proper, sharee’ah compliant manner.

Our vision

To maintain strategic management of zakat and waqf for the purpose of empowering people, supporting organisations, building mosques and Islaamic organisations.

Our Mission

Exemplifying our Islaamic values, we will mobilise resources, build partnerships and develop local capacities, as we work to:

Provide strategic and financial resources to the general body, board of directors and management of the Masaajid, Islamic schools, centers,  skills acquisition, vocational training and other constituent entities to operate optimally.

Provide an end to end services for zakat and waqf recipients across Nigeria, with priority for the Niger Delta and north east region.

Maintain strategic ownership and management of the endowment for the purpose of supporting Islamic schools, centers and Masaajid.

Enable communities to mitigate the effect of disasters, prepare for their occurrence by providing relief, protection and recovery.

Promote integrated development and environmental custodianship with a focus on sustainable livelihoods.

Support the marginalised and vulnerable to voice their needs and address root causes of poverty.

Allocate resources equitably regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return from beneficiaries.

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