Allaah’s Call: We humbly request for your Zakat And Sadaqa this ramadhaan

Invest with Allaah, He has the best returns.
A small charity can become very great with Allaah.
A date from pure wealth, given with a good intention is so important that He accepts it with His right hand and nurtures it until it becomes like a mountain. This is the best time you can invest by helping those in need of your charity, not just your family :family: and friends, but the entire humanity that needs you more where your hand :pray: can reach.
Let us joins hands together to improve the quality of life and intellectualism of our brethren who are minority in south-southern and eastern states of Nigeria.

  • Your zakat/sadaqah will improve their lives and mould their characters.
  • Your zakat/sadaqah will create financial independence amongst them.
  • Your zakat/sadaqah will build their capacity.
  • Your zakat/sadaqah will enhance their productivity.
  • Your zakat/sadaqah will improve their mindset and grant them financial safety and security.

Give us your zakat to help improve the living conditions of our brothers and sisters.
“Is there any reward for good other than good?” Q 55:60

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